18 November 2018

Weather Link

Finally our Naseby weather station is back operating properly.  After the last software update, privacy changes stopped it being easily available.  But, we are now back in business, with the link on the right taking you to the weather information.  And if you want to view it on your smartphone copy the link below and save it as an icon.


16 November 2018


Mark it in your calendar now and come along on Sunday 25 November at 5pm.

Click here for information on the Pot Luck Dinner

8 November 2018

WOW, The Ignite Consultants did a fantastic job of researching Naseby and came up with the presentation below, for us to use as a base for future projects and ideas.  Have a read and we'll be providing information on this, and then will be having an open workshop in February to discuss options.  Once we finalise the date and location, mark it in your calendar and come along.

Click here to view the Ignite Report

Naseby Vision had a successful AGM, with a good turnout and several interesting items of discussion, so lots to work on for the next year.  Below is a link to the Chairman's Report.

Click here to read the Chairman's Report

Wow, go Naseby.  The new Air NZ safety video is a winner for Naseby.  One of the smallest towns in New Zealand and one of the biggest stars in the video.  Check it out here:

Click here to see the Air NZ Safety Video

9 July 2018

On our Way to a New Upgraded Website

It's time to add Naseby Vision web-site to your favourites.
A new format and regular updates about Naseby will all be here.

Check out the Night Skies Photographic Competition.
Dates have been extended to 22 October 2018, so come on up and get clicking.